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AtvCloner Redux ….

UPDATE 1/13/2018: AtvCloner now available via my GitHub . I have noticed for whatever reason there are still some folks looking for the old AtvCloner. I went ahead and uploaded it to my GitHub. Seems to still work fine, I just tested it on MacOs 10.13 High Sierra and worked just fine.


Well, its been a fair bit of time since my previous site was abandoned.  Basically in my free time I work on the  HandBrake project and also wrote a piece of software for the AppleTv 1st gen called AtvCloner. While the AppleTV 1 is deprecated it has many advantages actually over the AppleTv 2 and 3.

The AtvCloner app is currently Mac only and is designed so you can hook your AppleTV 1 hard drive to your mac via a pata to usb adapter and re-image the drive to a larger drive, replacement drive or alternatively install a XBMC / Linux variant that is Broadcom Crystal HD  enabled via a (fairly) intuitive Graphical User Interface.

For any of you that wondered what happened when my original site went down, basically real life intervened and I was tired of keeping up the site and paying the servers fees etc. . That said there seems to be still enough interest on the interwebs that I felt maybe I could still offer something for those interested once in a while.

I will update this as I have time and its anything relevant, but for now anyone looking for AtvCloner  you can grab it from my Dropbox.


EDIT: Now available on GitHub

I will be posting more info regarding the XBMC / Linux info and images for modifying your AppleTv1 to run  the fairly well known XBMC / Linux / CHD modded AppleTV 1. Its a bit different but it really unleashes the power of the AppleTv 1. More to come with that.